Environmental Stewardship

Thome respects the natural environment it operates in and is committed to having a positive impact on the environment. Thome adopts a ze­ro-tolerance approach to any non- compliance or violation of applicable environmental laws.

The shipping industry is a contributor to ocean waste and oil spills which can be detrimental to both the marine environment and delicate ecolo­gy. We are keenly aware of the potential effects of our business activities on marine environment and ecology. Thome actively works on reducing such environmental impacts through strong environ­mental governance and compliance.

Furthermore, Thome endeavours to achieve en­vironmental excellence with our Environment Management System, established in line with IS014001:2015. Our Environment Management System also forms part of our Safety Management System, which is certified for compliance to the amended ISM code. Thome firmly endeavours to address all identified risks to our vessels, facilities (FPSO / FSO), offshore installations, personnel and the environment and has established appro­priate safeguards. All employees are also made aware of Theme’s environmental protection policy – the environmental aspects, open reporting, obli­gation to report and non-retaliation policy-prior to joining and signing-off of contracts.


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